Dewalt Nail Gun: Top 3 Products Reviewed

The choice of Dewalt nail gun depends on the range and length of nails that the machine accepts, ease in removing jammed nails and suitability of the nail gun in performing the required tasks. Dewalt produces a wide range and the best nail guns in the industry, in terms of performance and time saving during construction.

DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

The tool’s engine design allows it to work easily, faster and enables a consistent penetration of nail into both hard and soft joints. This tool combines ease and speed of nailing with the precision associated with hand nailing. It is possible to drive brads of different length ranging from 5/8 to two inches as rapidly as 5 brads per second. With this tool, there is no need of air hose or compressor to drag around. This 7.4 pound tool shoots readily available 18 gauge brads and is powered by rechargeable 18V battery. Its box- style magazine is designed to prevent entrance of debris and dust that may cause this Dewalt nail gun to malfunction. Its straight magazine can also hold up to 110 brads. The DC608 nail gun can shoot nails through plywood, softwood, hardwood and other sheets. There are two operating modes: high speed bump firing specifically for rapid production or sequential for precision placement. Other features for this tool include swing- open nosepiece, reversible belt hook and precise depth control system. DC608 is an excellent tool for cabinetmaking, carpentry, door and window casing, paneling and installation of baseboard. Jamming is infrequent and if one has Dewalt batteries then he can have continuous power. This tool is totally different from other types of nail guns since the nails are always ready for firing without delay and can fire hundreds of nails. Its headlights also serves as a great touch, therefore one can work with this Dewalt nail gun anywhere.

DEWALT DWFP12231 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

This is an excellent nail gun with many attractive qualities. It has a motor that is life maintenance free thus preventing the staining of work places. Its magnesium body delivers a lightweight and strong design. Other enticing feature of the tool ids its free depth of drive adjustment with detents that is used for proper setting of nail heads. It does also have a tool-free jam-release mechanism that allows easy removal of nails. The rear exhaust is excellently designed to help keep off contaminates from work. DWFP12231 is made to drive 18 gauge nails ranging from 5/8 to 2 inch in length. Its magazine can hold up to 100 nails, along with its sequential mode of operation. This unit has an integrated rubber grip for anti-slip grip and improved comfort. This Dewalt nail gun has a removable non-marring nose-tip with on-tool storage. DWFP12231 also has an adjustable belt hook that allows the unit to be kept close to the user. The unit is wonderful, comfortable to use for wood works and other small jobs around the house. This brad nailer is light, reloads easily and has perfect safety features that work well. With DWFP12231, there is no need to worry about the frequent nail jams as experienced in other nail guns. It is specifically designed for roofing carpentry and other do it yourself jobs.

DEWALT D51850 20 Degree Full Round Head Framing Nailer

This tool has an optimized power design that generates power for the toughest tasks and delivers less power consumption. The unit has a unique engine that generates power to bury nails in both engineered lumber and framing lumber with minimal recoiling. This unit is also equipped with a tool-free adjustable depth for easy and quick depth of drive setting. Its dry fire lockout extends the bumper life by preventing the unit from actuating or working when its magazine is empty. When the tool is not in use, the adjustable rafter hook can be used to hang the nail gun. Its contact grip eases toe-nailing applications. Other amazing features of D51850 20 include sequential or contact actuation firing mode, plastic collated and magazine bottom loading. It is designed to be used in sheathing, fencing, decking and framing. Its safety features are great and do not have air leaks at all. The plenty of power can be used to drive 3 1/4 inch framing nails. Adjustable head make nail depth adjustment easy and this unit is very useful when one needs quick nailing.

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Dewalt DW272 Review

Dewalt DW272 is a powerful drywall screwdriver that is not only very light, compact and easy to carry around, but also durable and reliable enough due to its all-metal gear box which is especially designed for increased reliability and jobsite durability. In this review you will find the pros and cons of this screwdriver, as well as its most notable features and functions:

The Pros

Unlike it happens with most tools of its kind, the DW272 is neither bulky nor expensive: as a matter of fact, this tool can be purchased on Amazon for no more than $94.99, thus making it one of the most cost-effective drywall screwdrivers on the market. The light weight coupled with excellent ergonomics will prevent hand fatigue and allow you to work for a prolonged period of time, while the heat-treated steel gears are designed to increase the life span of this screwdriver: this way, the screwdriver will be intact even when dropped on concrete.

The screwdriver also comes with a two finger trigger and a rubber grip that will give you greater control over the tool and increase the comfort as well. I personally love this tool, given the fact that it is so small yet so powerful at the same time, and it is perfect even for larger screws: you should be able to drive screws that are up to 3 inches in length, quickly and without the fuss.

The Cons

The only downside of this product is that as many users claim, the instructions manual is not detailed enough and the user will have to use the screwdriver long enough to get used to all its functions.

Features And Specifications

The product comes with a depth sensitive nosepiece, an eight feet cord and a 4,000 RPM motor that makes it a great addition to the kit of every handyman.

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An In-depth Review Of DeWalt DC618K

The DeWalt DC618K, manufactured by DeWalt, is a cordless finish nailer that’s designed to drive nails consistently into both softwood and hardwood joints. Basically, it is a perfect combination of precision of hand nailing with ease and speed of pneumatic nailing and hence it is more suitable for people who would like to enjoy the power of a pneumatic nailer without being tied down to an air compressor. You can use DeWalt DC618K to drive 16-gauge finish nails of up to 2.5-inches in length.

Key product features

DeWalt has gone beyond what you would expect by incorporating prominent features to this high performance nailer in order to cater for diverse construction and carpentry nailing tasks. For instance, the nailer’s angled rear-load magazine can accommodate up to 120 nails, and is specifically designed to shield dust and debris that can cause the device to malfunction.

DeWalt DC618k has a sequential operating system that allows for precision placement, and an easy to access nosepiece that enables the user to remove jammed nails. Also, other features like contact trip lock-off and 6 position dial allows you to disable the trigger and switch between applications without having re-acquire precise in depth setting when the device is not in use. Integrated LED lights not allow for a long battery life but also enhanced visibility. Its impact resistant top cap that’s easy to remove for troubleshooting guarantees durability.


There are so many reasons as to why you should buy DeWalt DC618K, including the fact that it is cordless and thus it offers increased portability and versatility. Its 20-degree angled magazine makes it easier for you to work in corners with no problem. Unlike the case with other nailers, you can set the DeWalt to bump or single fire in order to drive the nails at a consistent depth. The machine’s superior grip serves to ensure that it stays with your even if your hand sweats.


DeWalt DC618K is somewhat heavier than most nailing tools and is inherently not the best ergonomic nailer. Also, you cannot get as many shots per battery charge compared to nailers that use gas cartridges.

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Top 3 Dewalt Finish Nailers

If you’re looking for some power tools to finish your nailing job quicker and easier, then you can’t afford not to checkout a Dewalt finish nailer. The quality of these devices speaks for itself, plus they include considerably more features than the majority of nailers out there. If you’d be interested in such model but you don’t know which one would make for the best option, we compelled a top 3 list to help you with your decision:

1. DEWALT D55141FNBN 16-Gauge – Finish Nailer. This model is undoubtedly one of the lightweight and slimmest nailers on the market. It includes a durable oil-free pump to help you get the highest operation time without any maintenance, and it also has a very low noise level (79 dBA) which makes it ideal for daily use. A diminished 8-amp power is also there to ensure hassle-free startup and reduce breaker tipping at the same time. It comes packaged in a stylish yellow box and features 2 additional hose connections as well as a quality drain valve for smooth operation. Easy to use and assembly.


- inexpensive

- portable model

- power button placed conveniently on device’s back

- 2 additional hoses for easy connectivity


- the 2-gallon air tank could be larger

- connectors are not pre-installed

2. DEWALT D51257K - Another 16-gauge model which this time is smaller and even less expensive than the previously mentioned one. The other side of the coin is that it’s slightly underpowered when compared to the previous model. However the dual-tech motor which doesn’t require any lubing should be more than enough to keep you going. It comes complete with a carrying case, safety glasses as well as few nail finishes. If you’ve never owned or used a nail gun before, then this unit is the perfect one to start with. It supports various nail sizes and it’s usage is as simple as 1-2-3. Furthermore, it features the well-known Dewalt’s quality guarantee.


- works with a variety of nail sizes

- small and portable dimensions

- comes with safety glasses and additional accessories


- pros might wish for something more powerful

3. DEWALT D51276K 1-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer - If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a finish nailer but still want to benefit from prime quality, then this machine is the one to look for. It includes jam clearing, adjustable belt hook, adjustable 360-degree belt hook plus a variety of other tool-free features. Safety glasses, finish nails and a smart carrying case are also included. The device is very easy to use even by someone who’s new in the domain and will get its job done within the shortest amount of time possible. Also, the motor doesn’t require any oil or lube.


- easy-to-use and intuitive design

- low profile pad for quick start-up

- powerful motor


- build quality Is not exactly best-in-class

- safety glasses are good, but not excellent

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